Local SEO and google search engines

Search engine optimization has always been a core necessity for businesses. A small business running without a good local presence is unlikely to be found by potential customers. But many business owners who are older don’t seem to think of having a website or even a google listing as a priority. Because they are so used to older methods of customer acquisition like print media, and mail advertising they do not see the value in an online presence.yi

Why do local SEO?

The core idea behind this is that you want to be found, locally, within your area. This is especially vital when you have a brick and mortar location where people can walk in and get your services. Having your business address show up in Google Search increases your sales tremendously. But being part of the 3 pack also known as the top 3 map listing in google can help you increase your business over 500%

These numbers may seem too good to be true but this is the reality and power of local search. But how does local search correlate to  local SEO ? The better your presence the better your SEO and vice versa. But to get a higher ranking you have to follow SEO guidelines.

Core Local SEO Practices
1. Setup a Google business page
2. Verify your listing
3. Make sure your business details are consistent across the web for example on google, Bing, yelp, trip advisor, city search etc
4. Submit your website to local directories that relate to your business.
5. Reach out to local news outlets and get a story written about your business
These are just some basics that can help you get started and have your business listed well in your local search results. The more traffic you drive to your business and more quality content you provide the more your SEO will strengthen.